Best Mathematics Books For Kids

‘To study or not to study?’, that is the question many kids ask at some point in their school life, and oftentimes, it happens when they have to deal with difficult topics in math. What can parents do with this? The solutions depend on various factors including your teaching abilities, the desire to teach your kids, your attitude towards private math tutors, the ability to spend money on them, etc. But there is another way you can instill a love for math in your kid without such expenditures: you can find the best math books for kids and show them to your daughter or son. To help you choose the best one, we created this guide.

Mathematics is a way of thinking that can be applied to a wide variety of real-world situations.It’s a powerful tool for problem-solving, and math for kids helps children develop critical thinking skills. It also helps children learn how to reason and to think logically. And it strengthens their ability to focus and concentrate, which are important skills for success in school and in life.

How to choose the best children math book?

  • If you have never read any kids books about math, consider taking the following steps:
  • ⦁ Find out the names of the bestselling children math books. You can do it easily online but be careful with the source you take the information from: some books may not be relevant for a certain kid’s age or be unavailable for online purchase. Also, consider creating a few lists of kids books about math by the skill they help work on: counting, measurement, algebra, shapes, etc.;
  • ⦁ Read the reviews. Some people say that judging a book before you read it is superficial, yet we suggest that you check a few reviews about any math book for kids before you buy it. Oftentimes, reviews contain relevant information regarding the content quality and the author of a book, so don’t overlook this point. Also, you can read math teachers’ reviews of the most popular books for studying math online;
  • ⦁ Visit the local library to get the books unless you can buy them. If you cannot afford a certain handbook or math workbooks for kids, it is not an issue. Don’t hesitate to visit a public library in your neighborhood to collect math books for your kid;
  • ⦁ Consider consulting with your kids’ math teacher regarding the best math book for kids. Finally, you can always ask for a piece of advice at your kid’s school: their teacher will be ready to help you with the choice of a math book and give you recommendations on how to work with it.

Top-5 math books for kids

  • ‘Baby goes to market’ by Atinuke.
  • The first math book for kids we suggest that you check is the ‘Baby goes to market’. This amusing story about a kid who eats one treat given by the vendors before putting the rest to the Mama’s basket teaches kids counting without even noticing it. If you are looking for a fun story for preschoolers, this is it.
  • ‘Absolutely one thing’ by Lauren Child.
  • This book is for preliminary school students and it aims to explain math rules in a fun way: two siblings, Charlie and Lola, go to a store for a toy and learn math rules on their way. As the older brother, Charlie teaches Lola to calculate, while she is making mistakes and confusing numbers. Kind humor and bright illustrations make this book especially interesting for kids.
  • ‘Sheep won’t sleep’ by Judy Cox.
  • The third book on our list tells us about Clarissa who cannot fall asleep and uses all possible ways to do that. First, she counts sheep, then alpacas, llamas, etc. Some of them come in pairs, others – in fives, etc. As kids read the book, they learn to count pretty well.
  • ‘Secret Coders #1: Get with the program’ by Gene Luen Yang.
  • The author introduces the two main characters of the book to us, Eni and Hopper, who will take us to the world of coding. Programming is explained through logic puzzles there, so preliminary and secondary school students have no trouble comprehending the information.
  • ‘Giant Pumpkin Suite’ by Melanie Heuiser Hill.
  • This book tells kids not only about math but also about mathematicians. In particular, kids get acquainted with Rose, a musician and math enthusiast who cooperates with her brother to prepare for the state fair. While reading this book, kids can see how useful math is in life.

Can a math book be better than an online math tutor for kids?

The answer to this question depends on the knowledge your kid has, their desire to study math, and the goals you want to achieve in the long run. If you aim to prepare your kid for getting a degree in math after school, math books will not be enough: you will need to provide your kid with top-quality advanced-level math classes. But if your goal is just to show your kid the world of math and instill a love for learning in them, children math books are a great thing to start with.